Successes at Daylove Childrens Centre

We were thrilled to hear from Margaret at Daylove Childrens Centre of the success of some of the youngsters who were under their care as children. One child has been ordained into the church, another is a qualified lawyer, others are employed as teachers in local schools and one of the boys who attend Daylove as a child was married at the project in June of this year. Another exciting development is that some of the youngsters have recognised the big part that Daylove had in their lives as they were growing up and decided to form a fundrasing group for the project. This group will try to raise much needed funds for the project and hopes to enable Daylove to continue helping children with backgrounds such as themselves. 

Thank you for your support of Daylove! When we hear stories such as this we realise how vital it is that we continue to help Daylove as it works in the lives of so many children and tries to give them a future free from poverty.

If you would like to support other youngsters at Daylove and them the chance to add to these successes then please send your gift to the Hand in Hand office or you can donate online.

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