Richard's story

Richard smiles an awful lot! He has beautiful big brown eyes and is still a little bit wobbly on his feet. He joined New Hope in March 2013 when he was 3.

Richard and his sister Naomi were abandoned by their mum, she blamed them for her HIV status and disowned them, left in the care of elderly grandparents. Dad isn't around, he is an alcoholic and suffers with addiction to illegal and dangerous home brewed beer.

Devastating news came in early 2013 when their grandfather was diagonsed with prostate cancer. Their grandmother had to make the heart wrenching decision between feeding Richard and Naomi or paying for the treatment that could save her husbands life. Richard and Naomi were left starving, and often home alone. Anne, known as mum to all 120 children at New Hope, found the pair sitting on the side of a dirty, beaten road and sat with them to find out their story.

Anne felt that New Hope could offer them both an opportunity to be fed, loved and ultimately be children, and the grandmother given a chance to care for her husband. Unfortunately Richard has tested positive for HIV but is now receiving the medication that he needs and smiling all the time. Naomi is thriving in her new environment and is still able to boss her little brother around - just  a little!

Richard now has a chance in life because people like you care.   

 Names and Photographs may have been changed for child protection reasons.