Renamed Miracle

Miracle has been renamed because that is indeed what she is. Living proof of a miracle.

Pastor Paul smiles here with Miracle, one of the children living in the orphanage at Nsambya Project in Katwe, Uganda. Miracle has an older brother and younger sister. Both parents died in recent years so Pastor Paul and his team look after the children on a day-to-day basis.

Miracle was involved in a car accident and although miraculously none of her bones were broken and she survived, her brain was affected which has left her with some limitations. Though she has faced this ordeal she regularly gives testimony and sings in the local church bringing inspiration and encouragement to many.

At the age of 17 she has nearly reached her educational level of end of primary but Pastor Paul is determined to find meaningful work for Miracle when she finishes her current education. The dedication of Pastor Paul is clear to all as he reaches out with compassion to the children and adults in the local slum community.

 Names and Photographs may have been changed for child protection reasons.