Record Breaking Year!

A great big thank you to all our supporters for your magnificent response to our Gift Catalogue. This is our third year of producing a Gift Catalogue and we have already overtaken previous edition totals. Since September you have helped raise just over £8,500; 100% of which will be used by our project partners for the specific item sold. Some partners have already received some of the proceeds towards items such as the pre-prinary chairs, shown in the photo, and have asked us to thank you all for your wondersful support.

You will still be able to purchase gifts from our Gift Catalogue until September 2009 when a new one will be produced ready for next Christmas!  

That gives us all plenty of time to get the total up to £10,000 through gifts purchased for birthdays and other events during the forst 8 months of 2009. We look forward to hearing from you.

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