Mission Trips

The Hand in Hand team are able to help plan and organise visits for individuals and teams to a number of our projects. This includes organising flights, insurance, accommodation, food and in land travel. We offer support and advice during your preparations and throughout visit. If you would like more information about visiting one of our project partners then please get in touch.

Individual Testimonial

Alexa Dunn writes about her time in Kenya with a friend:

“In July we (two slightly nervous and naïve politics students) boarded a plane to Nairobi, Kenya. We helped to build a library and painted at the Daylove project and even visited the Kenyan Houses of Parliament. Despite the wide differences between our lifestyles, background and culture, I made some amazing friends amongst the children at Daylove. I would urge anyone else considering a trip to go for it. You will not regret it!”

Team Testimonial

Graham Kentish visited Kenya with a group from Witham & Tiptree URC.

“We installed sports equipment, did lots of decorating, felt inspired by some wonderful kids and immersed ourselves in Kenyan life at the New Hope Children’s Centre. It was a life-changing experience that we would highly recommend. My abiding memory is that whilst poor materially, Kenyan Christians have much to show us about faith and how to get enjoyment and fulfilment out of life. It was tough, but fun.”