Legacy Giving

Will being signed

Where there's a will there's a way

You can make a real difference by sharing some of your wealth, through your WILL, with those who have nothing or very little. We would appreciate your consideration in including a gift for the world's needy children and marginalised families when you are making, or reviewing, your WILL.

The best way you can help support and preserve Hand in Hand's mission with needy children and marginalised families is to make your gift unrestricted so that it can be used appropriately for whatever need is most urgent at the time your legacy is received.

Should you wish to make your gift specific to our work in a country or for one of our themes then it will be used where most appropriate when the legacy is received:

  • Ecuador, Kenya, Tanzania or Uganda
  • Providing education and care for children from poor backgrounds
  • Supporting families marginalised through poverty
  • Support for Ministers and theological students in training in poor countries

It is unwise to leave legacies for individually named projects because from time to time needs change and we do not want to lock gifts away that cannot be used as requested.

All you now need to do is to instruct your executors to include a gift of £......... or leave a % of your residue to Hand in Hand at the address shown on our Contact Us page.

Thank you for considering Hand in Hand when making or reviewing your WILL and for making a difference in a needy world.

For more information about legacy giving email us info@hihand.org.