Kiraracha plans approved!

Our Tanzanian project partner Kiraracha School has recently had it's plans for 9 more classrooms approved. The school already has 400 children attending each day but it is unable to find space for the hundreds of children in the community currently going without education. They are planing the construcion of 9 more classrooms to enable these additional children to attend. Kiraracha School enables local children to receive a good education, giving them the chance to step out of the poverty in which they live.

Your old mobile phone can help build these classrooms!

Simply send your old mobile phones to our office and we will send them off for recycling, receiving money in return. This money will then go towards the construction of the new classrooms, helping hundreds of children on their way towards a better life. If you would like more information on how this works then visit our mobile phone collection page.

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