Food for Hope makes it to the press!

There has been plenty of excitment in the Hand in Hand office as the Food for Hope appeal made it into the Essex Chronicle this week! Please do check it out!

This Christmas at Hand in Hand we are turning our thoughts to New Hope Children's Centre in Kenya where the food bill alone amounts to £25,000 in one year. But amazingly that only equates to 60 pence for one child to have three meals in one day! 

We want to show the children at New Hope that we care. They remind us that Christmas really is all about giving. New Hope provides a haven of love and safety for over 120 orphaned and vulnerable children in the local area. These children are given a ''home'' in the truest sense of the word, with food playing an important role.

We need your help.

You can give Food for Hope in just three easy steps:

1: Fill out a Food for Hope postcard with a personal message to the children at New Hope. 

2: Send the card along with a donation of £5, £10 or £30 for a food parcle to show you care 

3: Come along to Carols for Hope on 6th December at Woodend Farm, Witham (CM8 1EH) to send the cards on their way. 

You can donate online too. To send your donation and message via justgiving click here

Please give Food for Hope this Christmas! 

Click here for your Food for Hope postcard! 

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