Our first e-bulletin ever!

In May 2009 the Trustees of Hand in Hand decided that they would like supporters to feel a greater involvement in the work of Hand in Hand, one of their ideas to help this was to send out an 'e-bulletin'. It was felt that this would enable our supporters to receieve news stories almost as they happen, helping them to have an up to date knowledge and understanding of the work we are involved in.

After much disscussion as to what it should look like and what it should consist of, we set about building a template with our web-designers. A few months later, we had a template that we were pleased with and so all we needed was a date to send it out. We felt that the best time to do this would be at the same time we sent out our quarterly printed newsltter.

So when the date finally arrived we sent it to the 95 Hand in Hand supporters who had already signed up to recieve it! The e-bulletin gave supporters the chance to read up to date news and also contained links that enabled them to get involved with our work and to donate to us if they wanted to.

We are planning to send these e-bulletins on a more regular basis, which will give supporters the chance to find out important information and to read up to date news articles.

If you would like to receive one of these e-bulletins then 'sign up for our e-bulletin'.

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