Esther's Family

Esther is 70 and looks after her two grandchildren, Ruth (8) and David (17) after losing both their parents to HIV/AIDs. On top of that she also looks after Hannah (10) and Cecilia (12) the children of a friend who has died. What a hero!

They live in a small wattle and daub house in the village of Gatundu, not far from Thika, Kenya. Esther's relies on the produce from a quarter of an acre of land which she tries to grow beans and maize on. She also has an avocado tree, which when harvested, will give her just 5 pence for each perfect one picked. 

When we visited her in March 2010 the area was seriously suffering from drought, the ground was cracked and hard, the crops failing for lack of water. The family were relying on the equally poor community surrounding them in order to survive. Her little house has no water and no power so she pays for drinking water (about £3.00 per month). 

Thankfully the the parish social worker saw the desperate need and she has been given a cow through the TOGS project! Her local church had contributed 25% towards the purchase of a milking cow costing around £250 and built her a cow stall. Your generosity bought the other 75%! 

Esther was overwhelmed with joy as she admired her cow, it will produce about 20 litres of milk each day! Some of that will supplement the children’s diet and the rest can be sold locally for about 20 pence per bottle, keeping the youngsters in school. 

We would have loved to of seen the look on her face when heard how much you cared for her family and the other grandparents in the village. 

Names and Photographs may have been changed for child protection reasons.