Clinic Saving Lives

Already this year the clinic at Katwe has handled a number of different cases. As it is situated in a densely populated area, various people visit the clinic with various complaints such as malaria, typhoid, diarrhea, eye infections, pneumonia, worm infections and other infections. Most of the illnesses that the clinic treats are caused by poor hygiene and sanitation.

One of the challenges of malaria is that it is becoming resilient to the cheap anti-malaria drugs which people often result to buying through lack of funds and few people can afford the more effective medication. The clinic has seen a large number of malaria cases, many people have it 5-8 times per year. This depends on the season and whether they are using a mosquito net. The clinic has already treated over 100 adults and 120 children for malaria, 57 under 5 years old and 63 under 18. The Clinic received money from hand in hand for the mosquito nets most of which came from the sale of Mosquito nets in our Gift Catalogue. These nets were then distributed to those in the community. As a result those who received them have not suffered from Malaria so often.

The other main challenge in the area is sanitation causing diarrhea and typhoid, particularly amongst children where cases are often repeated. Often children will be walking to school barefooted and therefore vulnerable to contracting worms.

The clinic continues to see a rise in the number of people coming for help as it is seen as a place where the best help available is given. The community is being transformed little by little and for sure lives are being saved. The clinic are confident in saying that 40 possible deaths have been avoided because of the treatment given at Katwe clinic. What a tremendous privilege for the Nsambya Full Gospel church to be involved in making a difference in their community.

Please pray for them as they continue to develop programmes to further assist the people around them. As a supporter you too have been a part of helping the Clinic at Katwe to make a difference.


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