CBC University of Life in the community

A few weeks ago 29 students from CBC University of Life visited the nearby town of Campos Belos, for a day of social action and evangelism on the streets and in the houses. The town is home to 9,000 people yet there is no hospital, no high school, no drinking water, no sewage system and no hope. It is a town where there is little or no motivation for better things, the government has given up on Campos Belos and in turn the people who live there have also given up on a better life.

The students were split into 6 teams and went straight to work in six different mud houses full of children from the community waiting for help. They washed them, cut their nails, cut their hair and washed their feet.

In the afternoon they gathered the children together in the little church and shared the gospel with them through some very lively storytelling, music and dance. In the evening they had a service of worship and prayer for the adults who had many needs for healing and provision.

After a long day they all got back on to the bus, one of the students said, “I used to think that I was poor and today God has shown me how I can help share His love for people who don’t know Him.”

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