Bank Transfer

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One of the easiest ways to donate to Hand in Hand is to transfer your gift straight into our bank account.

This is easiest when you have internet banking enabled on your perosnal account. All you will need to do is follow the your banks instructions on making bank payments/transfers.

All you will need from us is the bank details listed below. Simply fill in these details in your form when requested and enter your donation amount. Then when the payment has been confirmed, contact us to confirm the donation.

Bank Details

  • Account Name - Hand in Hand
  • Account Number - 86047019
  • Account Sortcode - 60-09-45
  • Reference - Name of project or state general

Where you see this logo the government will increase your gift by a further 25p for every pound, provided you are a current UK taxpayer and have signed a declaration for us.

Download a Gift Aid declaration form here
Complete an online Gift Aid form here