Lent Challenge - living simply and generously

Will you join Sue in her Lent challenge?

If we could live more simply what could we achieve? Of course for some that is not an option. Life has to be simple.

Inspired by how Esther Mugumya from the High Level project in Uganda has faced the challenges of her own life, I have decided to set myself a challenge.

During Lent which starts on Wednesday 22nd February I will not only give up the traditional chocolate but see how else I can slim my lifestyle down. Whether that's reducing the amount of meat I eat each week ( a luxury for many in Africa), hiring one less movie, thinking twice about the purchase of an item of clothing or finding other ways of reducing my outgoings, I'm going to do all I can to save all I can. This challenge is not about sacrifice but more about identifying with those in a less fortunate position than myself.

Whatever extra I save will go to the High Level project, so Esther can help more children this year. What can we achieve together?

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